2D/1N Trek - Starts at M'hamid - Ends at Erg Zahar. 4WD collection on day 3 & 2 hour drive back to M'hamid for your onward connection

Day One: M'Hamid - Camel Feet

This itinerary includes one and a half days hiking with camels and half a day 4×4 transport to take you through some of the best of the M’hamid Sahara in an authentic way, to discover both flora and fauna and to witness the remote dunes.

After enjoying a delicious breakfast at your camp, you will join your camels which are loaded up and ready to go.  Today you will trek from the start point where the golden dunes of the Sahara meet together with the oasis until you  get to the “camel feet” region.

You will walk together with the camels like one  unified ancient trade caravan of nomads throughout the  Eastern bank of Draa Valley. And as you continue further, you will notice that the view of palm trees  no longer dominates the scenery. It is the end of the oasis and here the Sahara starts. This will expose you to a completely new Sahara terrain including empty flatlands where lonely ancient tamarisk trees that  fought desert cruelty for many years, stand proudly all around.

We  continue walking with our faithful camels on very salty scrub-land  to reach the edge of Douab Dunes (translated as the wolf). As soon as you reach its edge we  will cross all the big dunes that circle the western bank of Draa Valley to finally reach Lbour,  a beautiful valley where wild camels graze. You will be surprised how much life is here in a place where survival is so difficult. Lunch will be a quiet picnic in a shady scenic spot under one of the different desert trees.

After enjoying your lunch, lovingly prepared by your guides, you will continue your hiking toward the beautiful dune of camel feet region. On the way we highly expect to meet up with nomad herders and their camels, as this region is one of the biggest grazing places in the desert of M’hamid especially in winter and spring.

Day Two: Camel Feet - Erg Zahar

Your second day hike is shorter because it is combined with a 4×4 drive to the remote dune of Erg Zahar and lunch at the spectacular two colour dunes of Erg Smar.

You will hike with your camel for up to one hour to get to Lahdibat, a big soft hill in the middle of a dry area with a special panoramic view .

After that your 4×4 will have arrived and you will be driven to Erg Smar dune for a relaxing break for lunch and a rest on the “Two Colours Dunes” of Erg Smar. Here you will  discover how magical the desert is when you find yourself on top of the red dune watching the white dune while the Draa River pervades the red one.

You will be able to make a visit to the dilapidated farmer houses and the ancient caravan  market of Erg Smar. The drive is itself a chance to see and photo different scenery along the way. You will witness how this part of M’hamid is suffering with excessive desertification including the death of trees and formation of long empty flats.

After having a long fabulous lunch under a tamarisk tree and enjoying the dreamy spot of the meeting place of the white dunes with the red one, you will be driven in the middle of  the deep Draa Valley through this long empty flat to reach the undulating dunes of Erg Zahar on the eastern bank .

After a while some unique dunes, with dramatically different shapes, will be in front of you for you to hike in order to reach the other side. But what is not expected is how you will feel after you see the surrounding dunes from the top of the furthest dune Zahar.

Here we will set camp, cocooned by the dunes all around us and after some time to relax and soak up the sunset, dinner will be served around the camp-fire.

Erg Zahar is the best alternative for those who want to enjoy the remote beauty of the Sahara desert  without sharing their experience with other people .

Then on the morning of day 3, the 4WD will return you to M’hamid which will take between 1 and 2 hours depending on some optional stops on the way to visit with nomads.


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