2 Day / 2 Night Trek in the deep desert dunes

Day One: Starting Point to Bouanim Dune

From your arrival, we can take you to a flexible point, depending on how long you wish to walk for.

Here we describe the shorter option but if you are feeling fit, we will double the walking time for your first day.

We will meet after breakfast at the Berber Kasbah where you can watch the camels being loaded with everything needed for the trek. Once we are ready, we will depart together with the camels like one unified nomadic caravan, and set off towards the clearly visible dunes in front of us.

We will enter the apricot coloured dunes, next to the open terrain with panoramic views all around. Our focus is to cross the dunes to reach our destination and the trek will take you across endless, empty desert. Walking in such a place provides you with the perspective of being the only people in the world.

Walking up and down the sand-dunes is not easy and we will stop often to take refreshment, watch the view and catch our breath.

Then, suddenly, your guides will tell you that you have arrived. In the perfect place, in one of the sunken spots between the huge dunes, we will set camp cocooned by the dunes all around us.

Carpets and candles to lighten the world of sand will be provided to offer you the most romantic of scenes and as well to enjoy the remote beauty of this special place.

After some time to relax and soak up the sunset, a delicious feast will be served around the cosy camp-fire. Then the team will sit together like one big nomadic family next to the fire and exchange stories of the Sahara Desert.

Day Two: Boumanim Dune to ECO Luxury Camp

Wake up as the morning sun faithfully rises from behind the mountains and watch as the colour and warmth light the sky with the gift of a new day.

Your guides will prepare breakfast for you and after making sure the camels have also been fed, they will start to pack up the camp ready for your 2nd day trek.

The walking today will require a nomad’s patience and the illusory style of the desert shows us often that our destination is near. However, all is trickery, because all the dunes in the desert look close by, when they are actually far.

After having a peaceful break in the shade and enjoying some tea and snacks, we will continue to cross the undulating dunes and to walk together with the camels up and down on the back of them.

Unique dunes with dramatically different shapes will be in front of you to hike in order to reach the other side, but what is not expected is how you will feel after you finally see the ECO Luxury camp in front of you.

The first and only luxury eco camp in this area, the camp was built to respect the ancestral home of the owner, the desert. It boasts an inspiring list of eco achievements despite the challenges you would expect in this terrain.

You may wish to watch the nomad, Amragh, making sand bread or you may wish to enjoy your luxury tent, but you can be confident that the water has been sourced from their own well and is heated by the many solar panels they have erected. The toiletries provided are all made from argan and the waste water is taken through an inspired waste water system which creates water suitable to irrigate the small oasis planted behind the camp.

All the furnishings are hand made locally from natural materials and dinner is lovingly created by their Berber Chef using only locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. In our opinion, they have the best vegan menu in Morocco.

After two tiring days trekking the sands to get here, you will really appreciate the warm welcome and enjoy the ambience of this environmentally friendly camp and the stars here are  the brightest you will have ever seen.

Tomorrow morning we will arrange an onward transfer from the camp to the transit point of your choice. Alternatively, many trekkers choose to stay an extra night or two, just chilling out in this very special little place. If you would like to learn more about the eco camp and it’s achievements and challenges, the owner would be happy to sit with you a while and talk about his passion.


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