3D/3N Trek - Issek n Bigaa - Erg Znaigui - M'fis - Erg Chebbi

Day One: Starting point to Issek n Bigaa

There are several options for this trek so if 3D/3N does not suit you, get in touch and we will discuss the choices.

We will wake early and have breakfast at the base camp before setting off on our adventure. The camels will also have breakfast before they patiently sit while the nomad guides load up everything we need for our 3 day desert trek. Then, only when everybody is happy – off we go.

The first part of this trek is in a type of desert landscape called hamada which means a barren, hard rocky plateau, where most of the sand has been removed by the wind. The views are endless and the rhythm of the trek is soon set. In this empty landscape, where you are unlikely to see another human, you will start to notice the smallest of details and any sign of life is exciting. There is no way to judge distances in the heat mirages but we are passing by the El Matsar Mountains on our left and heading towards a large lonely acacia tree that fought desert cruelty for many years, where we can stop for lunch in the shade.

The nomad guides will prepare a small feast for you on the picnic blanket and you will have time to journal, meditate or sleep. Then, after the midday sun has passed, we will continue on and slowly the black rock will disperse and distant sands will appear on the horizon.

You will feel excited to reach the outer edge of the dunes which consist of soft sands with gravel  on top like icing sugar sprinkled on a cake. But it is another 90 minutes before we get to the rolling dunes which are our destination for today. This area is very beautiful with some interesting black rocks and some clean sand flanking the pristine dunes edged by mountains.

Finally the camels can be unloaded and the campsite set. Then while you enjoy the spot and watch the sunset, a tasty Moroccan dinner will be prepared for you. After dinner we will sit around the fire like one nomad family and share stories under the stars until you retire to your tents to sleep like babies in the silence of the sahara.


Day Two: Issek n Bigaa to Erg Znaigui

When you wake up this morning, you might find the camels munching on their breakfast in the first early morning shards of light. Then slowly, the whole camp will come to life and breakfast will be rustled up, as if by magic, before camp is struck and the camels are re-loaded ready for day 2.

Today the scenery is more iconic but the going is tougher. Although we will not walk as far, the increasing height of the dunes and the softness of the sands make it harder and harder to walk. We will stop many times to eat fruits and dates and rest our legs.

You will likely be torn between finding the determination to keep going, admiring the stunning beauty of your surroundings and wanting to just be in the moment. But once we arrive at the camping spot for today, you will have plenty of time to absorb, photograph and smile because we will have lunch here and be able to relax all afternoon.

By now you will know what the routine is and can help out a little. Perhaps take over the camel care or make the tea while the nomads put up the tents and cook.

Tonight you will hear the music traditional to this area and watch the stars in this dark sky area with absolutely no light pollution.


Day Three: Erg Znaigui to ECO Camp

As the sun rises this morning, you will see the sky light up with the soft colours of a new day. This day is the last of your desert trek and we will walk for the morning only. As one nomadic family, we will head off once more across the undulating golden dunes towards the palm trees in the distance.

When you arrive, the pick up vehicle will already be there and you will have mixed feelings about the end of your trek. Relief and remorse, I’m sure. However a fabulous barbecue lunch will be cooking on a small fire and the adventure if not over yet. Once you have fully recovered from the morning trek and eaten like kings, we will set of in the 4×4 for a thrilling drive across the mixed desert terrain to the mysterious Ghost Town of M’fis.

This substantial, yet abandoned town, has an interesting history and surprisingly, a still working Mosque. We will tour the town and explain the history before we drive onto the Sahara’s Secret – an amazing little ECO camp breaking barriers and changing attitudes as it sets out to be one of the most environmentally friendly lodgings we’ve come across in Morocco.

Finally you can enjoy a hot shower and a comfortable bed, confident in the knowledge that you are supporting a project which truly respects its environment but we can’t promise that you won’t actually miss your sleeping bags and camels.



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