Two weeks ago, me and a friend joined the Walking with Nomads guides for a four day trekking adventure through the Sahara desert.

I have been to another desert in Morocco once but the desert we visited with Walking with Nomads was even more incredible and big. I loved everything about the trek. The guides speak really good english, are extremely caring and kind, the food is healhy and so pure and dilicious.

Furthermore the landscape, sunrises and sunsets are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen!

I would recommend this adventure to everything and it felt great to slow down and be one with the desert for a while.

Kay V from The Netherlands

After the hustle and bustle of the cities, the prospect of spending 4 days trekking through the desert was a welcome contrast, We met up with our guides early in the morning while the camels were being loaded with all the equipment, food and water that would see us through to the end of the walk.

We set off from M’Hamid, the end of the road before the Sahara desert. The walking was at a gentle pace as we got to know our travelling companions… our lives would literally be in their hands for the next 4 days. The weather conditions in November were perfect, not too hot during the day, or too cold at night. In the afternoon of the first day, the wind got up which made walking slightly uncomfortable, but it was good to experience a mini sandstorm and poor visibility and see just how inhospitable the desert could be. We just pitched camp early and sat it out.

Our guides were very friendly, spoke excellent English and were entertaining company. Meal times were the usual Moroccan ritual with plenty of tea and excellent cuisine. We learnt a lot about the desert and the nomadic way of life. Our guide entertained us with traditional stories that had been handed down through the generations. The tents were very comfortable; the nights under canvas were the best sleep that I had during the whole holiday.

The highlight of the trek was when we reached the sand dunes. It was quite magical wearing a djellaba and turban, and leading a camel through the dunes.
We hardly saw another person during the trek. What we did see, were lots of stars… the views of the Milky Way were truly amazing away from any light pollution.

A wonderful experience… so peaceful to get away from the stress of everyday life and just chill out… thoroughly recommended.

Cliff M from The UK

We joined Walking With Nomads for a 4 day trek in November and had the time of our lives. The team were so kind and supportive that any nerves I had were soon gone and the 4 days flew past, I wish we’d gone for longer and will definitely go back. We never saw another tourist and felt like we were the only people in the world – amazing. We saw all sorts, who knew the desert had so much more than sand dunes. The trek wasn’t easy but it wasn’t impossible and the food, the tents and all the extras made it really comfortable. The nomad guides had great English and were full of humour and stories and fun – knowing when to leave us to it and when to be by our sides. We learned so much. We contacted lots of companies but this one was streets ahead in terms of communication and advice etc. Now just need to organise the next trip.

Werxnika from Poland

That it always goes from Mhamid west to get to the camp was already clear. But which of the tracks in the sand should we track? Where “Maps me” became unclear in his statements after a short time, Mohamed helped us further. When he got into our Toyota 4WD, calm and sovereignty returned. Not only did he show us the right lane, but he also gave us tricks on how best to drive the four-wheel drive in the sand: always very light next to the lane, where it has the best grip. So we got safely to camp through fantastic landscapes. In the evenings Mohamed captivated us with his captivating stories around the campfire – accompanied by drums and vocals of the Campteams. And the next day he led us through good-natured dromedaries through varied desert landscapes. The lunch break was much more opulent than we had ever expected in the desert. We spent 2 wonderful days, with many impressions, with great organization and safe care. We will keep the warm and friendly atmosphere in a very good memory.

Karlsruhe from Germany


We went out as a group of 5 for a 2-day, 3-night trek with Walking with Nomads in January. Our guide met us in M’hamid and drove us out to camp the first night, where we were welcomed with a campfire, tagine and folk tales. The first day, we explored several landmarks including a sacred tomb, the remains of the kasbah, and old nomadic settlements. At sunset, we climbed the dunes and had the entire area to ourselves.

The second day, we trekked across the valley towards the Erg Chegaga dunes, where we met our guide’s family and camped our final night.

All of the meals were clean and simple, and always served with nuts, biscuits, dried fruit, and of course mint tea. We had a variety of Moroccan dishes, salads, and a Sahara-staple: sand bread.

The tour guides were enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the Saharawi culture and shared with us their stories, dance, and music.

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Cassandra from USA

Perfect Desert Trip

My brother and few of our friends did a three night tour with Walking With Nomads. We contacted the company with late notice but they were so gracious and fit us in. They picked us up late on M’hamid and drove us out to a lovely camp where we had a hot dinner before bed. The next two days we walked for approximately 6 hours each day and the best part was that we never saw any other groups! We had delicious meals with salads, fruit, soup and tajins. Each night we had a fire and listed to nomadic stories while watching the stars. It was a perfect trip and I would love to repeat every moment if I could!

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Amelia USA

Highlight of our stay in Morocco – Must Do!


We did a three day trek with Walking with Nomads in mid February 2019 and loved it. It is a truly unique experience and I believe every traveller visiting Morocco simply has to do this!

The desert is soo incredible, it’s beauty … simply nothing compares with it and for us it was just truly amazing being there with nothing but our tents, camels and great company for a few days.

Our guide Mohammed was wonderful and one of the things that surprised us the most was the fantastic food served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Abdul (our desert trek chef haha!) was totally amazing!

Highly recommend and might definitely visit again on future Morocco visits 🙂

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Egill from Iceland

Desert Trek

I found this company through instagram and fell in love with their photos along with their environmental and socially conscious approach to their tours. Over Christmas I finally had the chance to go on a tour with them and did not regret it one bit! We camped for 2 nights in the middle of the desert. Hamed and Hamed took great care of us. The food was delicious and they were very knowledgeable about the area. They took great care of us and made the experience in the desert one to remember. I highly recommend going with this company!


Carissa from Canada
We live in Casablanca and decided to take a 3-day desert trip with Walking With Nomads in October 2020 – in the midst of the pandemic. We were the first tour in months. What better place to socially distance than in the Sahara. We felt safe and well cared for the entire trip. The guides were very knowledgeable and passionate about the region, took great care of the camels, were great cooks, fabulous musicians, and full of riddles (which our 10 and 13 year old kids loved). The scenery was phenomenal, the setting serene and exactly what we needed after months of lockdown and pandemic life. Walking With Nomads takes an environmentally and socially conscious approach to their tours, and was the main reason for choosing them to lead us into the Sahara. I’m glad we did. If you can safely get there now, do yourself a favor and go sleep under a blanket of stars in the dessert. You’ll breathe easily and at the same time be helping the guides, hotel staff and others who live on the edge of the desert and rely on travelers for their livelihoods.
Stephen from Casablanca