There is no greater joy than to have endlessly changing horizons for each day, to have a new and different sun…..

That feeling when you’re on the road, travelling between different locations and waking up to different views. I’m all about those ‘epic vistas.’

By Brice Visuals
Walking with Nomads Camel Train – by Brice-Henri Tribollet (IG @brice.visuals)

The desert will give “Different Suns” every time.

The desert is both dramatic & soothing all at the same time….it’s that paradox which makes it so alluring to free spirited chill seekers.

The desert holds an intoxicating magic for those ready to receive it. You will know when its time……it calls you.

Why not let eco-travel specialists Walking with Nomads arrange your bespoke desert trekking trip and experience the magic for yourself?

Established in 2018 by Linda who has been running a boutique Moroccan Tour company called So Morocco Ltd since 2015, the company partner with local Moroccan businesses and people to bring you the most authentic trekking experiences possible.

Walking With Nomads have exemplary sustainable tourism credentials and attract mindful, ethical travellers from all over the world. Creative types often seek out destinations that will inspire them, move them, stir their creative souls.

Walking With Nomads have facilitated some incredible treks over the years for talented and renowned photographers. Here I am showcasing the stunning work of Brice Tribollet who trekked with Walking With Nomads in March of this year.

By Brice Visuals
Wistful traveller on her way to the desert for her Walking with Nomads trek – by Brice-Henri Tribollet (IG @brice.visuals)

But what makes a Conscious Traveller or Free-spirited trekker who is looking for a travel experience which adheres to all their personal beliefs and ethics, whilst also respecting that country’s traditions at the same time…?

Challenge is very exciting and to be challenged whilst trekking off the beaten track is both somewhat erotic and triggering at the same time. Adrenaline is exciting !

Travel Fatigue

Seasoned travellers often get travel fatigue. They have been there done that…..a 5 star hotel or yet another faceless bar full of ‘influencers’ leaves them cold. It does me. I need my feet in the earth (or sand) to feel into the lands of where I physically am.

Walking with nomads by Brice Tribollet
Walking with Nomads scene by Brice-Henri Tribollet (IG @brice.visuals)

Define a typical trekker

In trying to define the typical trekkers, I discussed with Linda all the things her clients seemed to have in common;-

A free spirit is typically a person who owns his/her actions, thinks and decides for him/herself without letting themselves be conditioned by society. All those glossy travel brochures and colourful websites may pique your attention when researching your desert trip, but if you like to delve a little deeper and like to ‘take the reins’ and be actively involved in your trekking trip – Walking With Nomads will literally have you taking the reins as you get to lead your own personal camel across the sand dunes and into the setting sun…..

Many creatives are drawn to the desert and desolate landscapes because it inspires them! Sounds poetic right? But if you know Morocco and the somewhat ‘organized chaos’ which it functions under you will definitely need some help via expert insider knowledge to put the verses of your poetic adventure together!

Stranded 4×4’s, stubborn camels and sudden onset sandstorms can all be navigated with ease if you are accompanied by the right people.

Ali & Hamid loading camels for a Walking with Nomads trek by Brice-Henri Tribollet (IG @brice.visuals)

People make a place

People make a place, and collectively people create SYNERGY for lifelong memories.

The Nomads of the Taouz desert region, where Walking With Nomads typically trek, are of Berber race. Berbers are noble tribesmen, and they love to share their culture and traditions with their desert guests.

You are a guest of the land, the earth…..the sand.

Why choose solitude?

As you trek across the terrain, each step feels mindful and intentional. You came here for a reason….free spirits tend to love solitude.

Solitude has in fact become a luxury, how did that consciousness flip happen?

Escapism is harder and harder to achieve in this busy world…..but be assured there are still many corners of it to discover.

It is when one is in a state of deep solitude, that ones awareness becomes heightened and you feel connected into deeper nature, a higher frequency. Free spirited people love to be separated from the mass mentality and solitude can give you that freedom, space to think quietly and become separated from your ego.

Solitude provides a breath of fresh air for the mind, essential to our mental health.

Nomad boy and baby goat met while Walking with Nomads by Brice-Henri Tribollet (IG @brice.visuals)

Who are you trekking with?

The Berber people, whom you will encounter on your Walking With Nomads trek, refer to themselves by their indigenous name, ‘Amazigh’ meaning ‘free people. How beautiful is that?

If you have the honour of having an Amazigh guide, tour manager, desert camp host, kasbah owner or waiter during your holiday in Morocco, you will discover that hospitality is at the core of Amazigh culture and you will be struck by their humbleness and yet magnificent nobleness too…

Berber society is centred around the concept of Tribe.  As a guest of ‘Walking With Nomads’ you will be treated as tribe;

One particularly unique part of Berber culture is guest rights – once someone is given food and water by a Berber they become their guest. The host then takes responsibility for the guests’ safety. This may seem strange from a Western perspective but in a place where finding a place to rest and a drink of water can be a matter of life and death ( in the desert), hospitality is very important.

Ali & Hamid making nomad bread the ancient way, in the sand by Brice-Henri Tribollet (IG @brice.visuals)

Lose yourself & find yourself

Again that thrill of being set loose amidst a wild landscape, but being assured you are safely accompanied by knowledgeable guides.

Navigation is a key part of going off the beaten track, taking that road less travelled. Sure you can use a compass or electronic navigation tools to cross the desert but what if I told you you can learn to navigate by the stars?

I mean, properly !

The dusk sunsets and night skies in the desert are some of the most stunning and dramatic you will ever see due partly to very little light pollution. It can be quite difficult and disorientating to find ones way through the featureless sand-dune terrain of the Sahara Desert.

For this reason, much like sailors have done on the open seas for thousands of years, the nomads skilfully navigate by the stars. They also have insider knowledge which they share between their tribe, describing how to find small watering holes and the few recognizable landmarks that sporadically dot the desert terrain….listen and learn!

Hamid telling nomad stories around the camp fire on a Walking with Nomads trek by Brice-Henri Tribollet (IG @brice.visuals)

Learning is a strong reason why people love to travel. By experiencing something unfamiliar, a trek will push you to your limits ( Linda will help you set the pace of your trek ). You’ll discover how resourceful you are when you’re exposed to new places, people and experiences.

Every destination has something unique to teach visitors; by immersing yourself in a completely different environment, you will absorb every aspect of this new corner of the world you are setting foot upon….

Another reason people love to travel and experience something unusual or adventurous; it helps open your mind !

You can’t imagine how different life is in another place until you see it for yourself. I love to feel it for myself, tapping in to the energy and resonance of a place.

You know how different a woodland environment or perhaps a mountainous environment feels? Well the desert environment is something entirely different once again….

Mountain scene on the journey to the desert with Walking with Nomads by Brice-Henri Tribollet (IG @brice.visuals)

Expanding your perspective is such a gift you can give yourself on this human journey!

It’s amazing how many psychological ‘ah hah’ moments one can have when placed in a completely different setting and landscape. By giving yourself literal headspace in the wide open expansive desert, I’m certain you will be inspired with different notions and possibilities to take back and implement into your everyday life…..

What next?

Once you have decided you want to experience a Desert Trek with  Walking With Nomads, you may be thinking okayyy,  what next?

But that’s the beauty of Curated Travel – with some careful planning beforehand, you are freeeee to relax into the experience and let in unfold for you……

We can often feel anxious and excited before we head off on a big trip. Try to let it unfold naturally because when you release expectations, you are free to enjoy things for what they are instead of what you think they should be…..

Check your ego at the entrance to the desert, as you slip off your shoes, release the need to control your desert trek experience.

Travelling hardly ever goes to ‘plan’ , and thats whyyyy it thrills us !

  • Expect nothing…and you will appreciate every wonderful thing you encounter. Don’t expect things to happen a certain way on your desert trek; Its far better to feel SURPRISED, than be disappointed !
  • Life has no limits. We are only limited by our own expectations. Be open enough to explore, experience, evolve and EXCEED your travel expectations !
  • Solitude – by giving yourself the gift of solitude and space away from chaotic western society, you make space for opportunity to enter. The desert will embrace you in your glorious solitude!
  • Silence – You are most powerful when you are most silent. People never expect silence. It scares them because you are left with, well, just you and your thoughts… oh and a breath-taking, starry night sky.
  • Power – the desert will remind you just how insignificant you are as a tiny human on this floating rock and yet, you are the most powerful creator-being.

Do you want to know your future? Do you want to know what happens next in this life? If the answer is yes, think again ! Not knowing ‘what comes next’ is the greatest life motivator. It creates the excitement for the desert trekker to rise and greet the next Sunrise !

So release your fears and expectations when you travel; enjoy, endure  and survive (we promise you will) each unique moment as it comes to you in its proper sequence – divine timing can be extraordinary beautiful.

Move and be moved……..Facts !

Conquering fresh territory is exhilarating. Especially for the world weary travellers who feel they have conquered most things.

‘Travel is never a matter of money but of COURAGE’ /  Paul Coelho.

So, your camel train awaits you ………

Hamid & his camel Walking with Nomads by Brice-Henri Tribollet (IG @brice.visuals)

All the photographs in this blog were taken by Brice-Henri Tribollet and we asked him;

Q: – How did your desert trek with Walking with Nomads stir your creativity?

A: – The desert is a very photographic place. You just need to find the story that you want to tell. I already had a pretty good idea on my concept before we started this journey, but I quickly realised that there is so much more to photograph than I anticipated. 

We agree there is always more to see and that’s why guests return again and again to do this.

You can purchase some of Brice’s photographs as limited edition fine art prints at Perspectives Studio Gallery  and 20% of his current year’s sales will be donated to Space for Giants who are working heard to protect the wildlife in Africa.