Our Aims

We aim to retain the knowledge of our ancestors’ cultural routes of migration and way of life, which once allowed unlimited travel from place to place.

This style of permanently travelling from land to land in the large African Sahara was virtually destroyed when maps were re-drawn by colonists which resulted in separating the great desert into pieces of countries.

For this reason, as well as the issues caused by desertification and climate change, government policies and marginalisation of nomadic people – this way of life is almost over. We want to share our heritage with you before it is too late.

Your Journey

We will safely guide you through mysterious and diverse desert landscapes and show you our most stunningly beautiful home – the Sahara Desert.

The silence of desert will tell thousands of words about the journey of peace.

The magic of the Sahara Desert has, over the centuries, inspired poets and writers such as Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – The Little Prince.

These books have inspired people from all over the world to change their perception towards our world and its simplicity and morality.

On a Walking with Nomads trek you can expect a high quality and authentic experience. We trek in deep desert remote areas with a family of genuine nomads and you will learn about their lifestyle through their story-telling and passion for their ancient heritage.

The Team

Mohamed El-Gasmi Walking with Nomads

Mohamed El-Gasmi

Trekking Boss & Storyteller

Brahim El-Gasmi Walking with Nomads

Brahim El-Gasmi

Lead Guide & Happiest Nomad

Camp Chef Walking with Nomads

Ali Wray

Top Camp Chef

Dady El-Gasmi Walking with Nomads

Dady El-Gasmi

Grand-Prix Driver

Grandad El-Gasmi | Walking with Nomads

Hamma El-Gasmi (Grandad)

Our Inspiration

Said Talb Walking with Nomads

Said Talb

Camel Guide & Guitar Man

Linda Brumfitt

Linda Brumfitt

The woman on the team

Chief Camel Walking with Nomads


Coolest Camel

Walking With Nomads

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