What to expect from Walking with Nomads?

Each of our options offers a unique “off grid” experience. The selection is richly varied in terms of location, cost, duration & content but will always be sustainable in nature and gentle in impact.

You might choose to be with nomadic tribes or rural craftspeople. Remote cooperatives or ground breaking professionals. In all cases, environmental conservation is foremost in our hearts but it’s a multi-tiered impact, benefiting Morocco’s fragile natural heritage with respect and love.

As a responsible tourist you will be helping to bolster local economy while preserving and sustaining natural and cultural resources for future generations.

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The Team

Nomad Guide Team

Mohamed, Hammid, Ali & Mobarek

Desert Trekking Guides

Hicham Rif Coordinator


Rural Rif Experience Coordinator



Forgotten Artisans Coordinator



Eco Desert Camp Manager

Amanda Organic Farm


Organic Farmer / Professional Chef

Natalie & Daniel Mountain Trek Guides

Natalie and Daniel

Mountain Trekking Guides

Linda Brumfitt


Founder / Manager and main point of contact

Jarjeer Donkeys

Susan & Charles

Jarjeer Donkey & Mule Sanctuary

I don’t pretend that this is the answer but I do believe that as we’re all part of the problem, we should also be part of the solution and together, can create a wave of consciousness which will impact the world in a positive way.

What does Eco Tourism mean to me?

My Personal Life

In my personal life, being eco conscious means that I think about the issue of living sustainably everyday, fall asleep worrying about it every night and each decision I make in life is taken with the protection of the environment in mind. In my own home we are carbon neutral. We work from home, don’t drive, don’t eat meat, grow our own vegetables, keep chickens, only buy locally sourced organic food, recycle all waste, use no chemicals in house, garden or on ourselves and more much much more.

My Business Life

However my business life is Moroccan tourism and whilst I’ve managed an ethical tour company for several years, I am still aware of the devastatingly heavy environmental impact tourism has and am always looking for ways to balance that with the enormous benefits that it also brings.

Morocco has so much to offer in terms of eco tourism and in many ways is a world leader. According to CAT, Morocco is one of only two countries with a plan to reduce its CO2 emissions to a level consistent with limiting warming to the 1.5 degrees C target set.

Initially, Walking with Nomads was focused purely on desert trekking and I was so encouraged by the feedback of tourists who had been searching for holidays with low environmental footprints and were overjoyed to find what Walking with Nomads was offering. So now we have grown to offer sustainable holiday experiences all over Morocco and plan to add more in the future.

In 2018

I completed a joint venture to build the first ECO Desert Luxury Camp in Erg Chebbi. This was primarily to provide our existing clients with an ethical way to camp in the desert where tourism has been unacceptably damaging to the fragile environment but also to serve as a “how to” for other camps to follow.

In 2019

I started a project, with a family in M’hamid, to draw attention to the issues of climate change on the front-line of desertification and the subsequent loss of nomadic tribes in Morocco’s desert. This was via authentic Walking with Nomads desert trekking and camping experiences.

In 2020

I changed the business structure, moving the location of our desert treks and I decided to pivot and expand Walking with Nomads to encompass a precious selection of eco tourism activities providing a gentle, genuinely authentic and sustainable tourism experience. We hope you’ll join us on our journey.

Walking With Nomads

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